What Is CIBIL/Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of improving a poor credit score/credit history by addressing or removing negative items that could be listed on your reports either inaccurately or due to missed payments and late payment fees..

Although fair credit reporting practices outlines that every individual should have accurate credit information report, Credit reporting agencies makes it complicated for the consumer to navigate online processes and send a series of dispute letters in order to resolve the issues.

To make cibil/credit repair convenient and easy, Money Master Financial Services can identify and raise dispute on behalf of you.

Using our methodical and structured systems and processes, Money Master Financial Services have helped many number of customers to become once again credit eligible.

Factors That Get Affected and Reported,

DPD: Days past due

This records the number of days an EMI is paid late from the due date. DPD can never be amended because once paid late it cannot be reversed. If somebody promises to remove or amend DPD then it's a fraud.

Negative Flags

Written off, PO WO Settled, Suit filed. Negative flags can be removed by making repayment to the bank. If somebody claims that they can remove the default or negative flag without making repayment to the bank, then it's a fraud.


Enquiries once made cannot be amended. Approval to Enquiries ratio is considered during the process of loan sanctioning.

Holding multiple Pan Cards

It's a criminal offense to hold multiple Pan cards and the CIBIL's system is intelligent enough to capture this kind of fraudulent activity.


Cibil score is a dynamic aspect. It goes up and down based on the repayment pattern of an individual/company.

Therefore CIBIL score can be improved by adhering to the positive repayment pattern.

Conclusion: CIBIl Repair is a possibility and most of the issues can be fixed and can become eligible for a fresh credit from a Bank/Financial Institution.
Beware: if somebody makes a false claim of removing negative flags from the report without making repayment to the Bank/Financial Institution then stay away!


How our services work

Credit report analysis

We generate your CIBIL/Credit report and plot a plan targeting all the negative items affecting your credit eligibility

Credit disputing

Our expert team will dispute and challenge the incorrect information and negative flags on your behalf via online and through appropriate correspondence

Dispute escalating

For negative flags, fraudulent transaction, and items requiring additional correspondence, We keep the process rolling and ensure your credit history is right on track.

Credit score analysis and mentoring

Through the online platform, We offer seamless access to your credit report analysis and credit advisory to help you achieve financial freedom

How Long Does It Take?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix when it comes to credit repair and every time one needs to go through the same series of steps involved in the resolution process. Therefore there’s no way to predict in advance how long it takes to fix your credit.

That being said, we help hundreds of thousands of consumers each year fix their credit and typically they’ve have been with us for three months. With our team of credit experts, tech systems, our credit improvement and negative items removal process is streamlined to get you results